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Introducing a skincare line that does what it says on the box. Tropic is a skincare line that was introduced 20 years ago and has developed into a skincare brand that has changed the way products are produced today. 

It’s all natural and organic which is what we love most about this brand.


To compliment and enhance all our treatments, we will be incorporating the Tropic skincare products into our treatments - how exciting!! We will also retail these products to compliment your home care beauty routine. These products are truly renowned for their natural capacity, they are ethically produced with the most natural ingredients for a healthy skin. 

Radio Frequency (From £60) + Tropic Calming Facial (£28)
Additional 20 mins

A soothing luxury treatment with our all natural Tropic product range to compliment your Radio Frequency treatment.

Cleanse, toner, serum, eye cream, moisturise with a facial massage. 

HIFU Cool (From £80) + Tropic Lift & Tone Facial (£38)

Additional 20 mins

An essential skin feast for thirsty skin. This facial will plump lift and tone your skin after your HIFU treatment leaving your skin feeling plumped to go! 

Cleanse, toner, serum, eye cream, moisturise with a face, neck and shoulder massage. 

Tropic Mountain Dew Hydrating Facial £47

30 mins

A relaxing facial for extremely thirsty skin. The star of the show is the Rainforest Dew Serum that will leave your skin feeling soft supple and thirst quenched!


Tropic Radiance Boost Facial £47

30 mins

 For glowing, brighter, firmer skin, using our berry based Glow Berry Serum, this facial will firm and brighten any skin looking for a radiant glow! 

With both treatments you can look forward to a cleanse, tone, serum, eye cream, lip fudge, mask and a moisturising relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage. 


Tropic ‘Me Time Facial‘ £67
30 mins

This is the facial that you will want to step out the house in a rush to get to!

Using our full of goodness infused serums, this skin invigorating treatment will leave your skin feeling supple with a radiant glow. A cleanse, tone, serum, mask, moisturise with a truly relaxing face, neck, lip fudge and eye cream, shoulder and full arm massage.

Tropic Ultimate Package £180
3 lots of 1 hr facials

Your skin will love you for this skin treat. You can choose to incorporate this package with our HIFU or Radio Frequency treatments or simply on their own. This package is perfect for keeping your skin plump and glowing through out the seasons. It’s perfect as a gift too. 



Tropic Hydrate Me Package £120
3 lots of 1 hr facials

This is the perfect package for a quick skin hydration boost. Perfect during the winter and especially during summer when we lounge in the sun.   

This is the perfect treat or gift for any newbies to skincare, wanting to develop a skin maintenance routine. 



Tropic Unclog and Glow Package £120
3 lots of 1 hr facials

For younger skin wanting to develop a skincare routine but not sure where to begin. This package is a perfect start. A cleanse, tone, serum, mask and moisturise. Using our pore clearing Ocean Dive serum this is perfect for any congested skin. 

We will recommend a no fuss home care routine and products that are easy for any young person or teenager to follow. A great start to healthy skin. 

P. S. Vouchers are available for all treatments, so never miss the chance to give someone the perfect gift.

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