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Radio frequency, Cavitation and HIFU can be used for a trifold effect, heating the released fat to mobilise it in the bloodstream, heating the fat cells to sweat out fat and to tone and tighten skin, improving elasticity and reducing the texture and appearance of stretch marks. This amazing combination of cellulite and fat destruction treatment can totally change the appearance of your legs, with regular treatments spaced one week apart you will notice a difference from the first treatment and these results just grow each session. 

A single session covers either the fronts or the back of legs, from knees to top of the thighs and a double session will cover both backs and fronts of legs. A single session would also cover your stomach area, saddlebags or buttocks. 

These comprehensive treatments have many health benefits, including improving circulation, reducing water retention, boosting metabolism and increasing the function of the lymphatic system. 

Combined advanced body treatments, HIFU Cool, radio frequency, body contouring, fat sculpting

All of our body and face treatments are FDA approved. They are safe and effective for the reduction of fat and cellulite. Our aesthetic fat reduction and body sculpting machines are supplied and maintained by a U.K based company, which also conduct training on-site for their specific machines.  We do not use inferior imported machines with unknown origins or specifications. 

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