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This next-generation HIFU COOL technology has built-in ice-cooling, making the treatment comfortable. HIFU COOL uses targeted single point fat destruction and collagen enhancing over thousands of individual points over your chosen area to create a grid-like net, this net tightens which gives you the best lifting and tightening treatment, without downtime or pain. Extremely effective for skin rejuvenation, fat sculpting, tightening of sagging skin and lifting. Noticeable improvements will be seen in skin laxity, facial contouring and skin texture. 


Treatment time between 30 - 120 minutes.

Prices starting from £80 - prices vary based on area of body.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening 

Do you want firmer, more youthful-looking skin? Do you want to improve the appearance of saggy skin around your face, stomach, arms or thighs? Then a radio frequency skin tightening treatment is ideal for you!

Non-invasive and painless, RF uses the emission of energy to develop heat inside the skin tissue. During this treatment, targeted radio frequencies are used to heat the area beneath the skin, breaking down depleted collagen and creating a firmer, more youthful look. The radio frequency treatment will tighten the skin and reduce the signs of ageing, also targeting other parts of the body to diminish cellulite and circumference sizes. 


One session between 30 - 45 minutes.

Prices starting from £45 - prices vary based on area of body.


Refine your shape and enhance your confidence!

Do you want to reduce fat? Do you desire a smaller, more defined waist or slimmer thighs? 

Our Ultrasound Cavitation treatment is a completely non-invasive treatment for the reduction of body fat. The treatment is pain-free, non-surgical and there is no recovery time. A course of Ultrasound Cavitation could help clients to reduce inches and reshape their bodies. Ultrasound Cavitation works by breaking down and shrinking fat cells in the area you are looking to improve without harming any other cells in the body. The contents of the fat cells are safely eliminated naturally through your digestive system, lymphatic system or used as energy.

A one-hour treatment can cover a medium-sized area of your body, such as the belly, inner or outer thighs, buttocks, or back. Smaller areas such as the chin or upper arm can be treated together. Multiple treatments on the same area are recommended for maximum effectiveness.

Prices starting from £70 - prices vary based on area of body.

All of our body and face treatments are FDA approved. They are safe and effective for the reduction of fat and cellulite. Our aesthetic fat reduction and body sculpting machines are supplied and maintained by a UK based company, which also conduct training on-site for their specific machines.  We do not use inferior imported machines with unknown origins or specifications. 

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