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Sara Stevens: MSC(PRM)(OPEN), BSc(Hons) Psych, D.Hyp. D.BSCH, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life Coach, EFT, EMDR and Educational Author.

Sara specialises in all fields of Hypnotherapy and has worked extensively with adults and children with severe anxiety and emotional issues, using a combined approach which can help you change safely and quickly. Having helped thousands of people to overcome a range of personal issues such as smoking, weight management and emotional conflict, Sara's vast experience enables her to help you become the person you really want to be.

You can access all of Sara's therapies at her 'one stop shop' MindHealth App - The personal therapist in your pocket. Here you can access hypnotherapy sessions, children's support, blogs, podcasts, motivational quotes, meditation and relaxation sessions, one to one sessions and elite coaching. Available to download on Apple and Android devices 

Sara is also an educational author, having published the 'Don't Feed The Cat' series and 'Dealing with Anxiety (The Kids' Guide)'. 'Don't Feed The Cat' are a series of 4 books made especially for children who worry, as well as for parents, carers, teachers, and healthcare professionals to use as a tool to empower children, helping them conquer their anxiety and take control of their thoughts. 'Dealing with Anxiety (The Kids' Guide)' is a book that helps kids to look at how they have been dealing with anxiety and find new ways to break out of those worry cycles. It covers topics such as: what is anxiety, how your mind works, positive mindsets, how does it make you feel, feeling scared, feeding the worries, calming comforts, avoidance and denial, how and when to ask for help.

You can find out more about, and purchase Sara's books here.

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Hypnotherapy helps to treat many different issues from stress, anxiety, phobias and fears to confidence building, blushing, giving up smoking, losing weight and much more.  It works by accessing our unconscious minds where all our emotions and behaviours are stored.  Unlike other forms of therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy often works rapidly to help you make changes, as you are harnessing the most powerful parts of your mind to bring about change.


Reiki is a for Japanese healing that is used for stress reduction and relaxation. As reiki practitioners, we will put our hands lightly on or near your body, with the aim to change and balance the ‘energy fields’ in and around your body to help on a physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual level.


Life coaching

As a wellness professional, life coaching is an additional service offered by Sara Stevens. Having a life coach can help you to improve your relationships, career, and day-to-day life, as well as helping you to achieve your full potential in your desired areas. Life coaching can help you if you are struggling with high levels of stress or irritability, lack of contentment in life, blocked creativity, lack of confidence or motivation, and many other aspects.


Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is an effective psychotherapy method proven to help people recover from trauma and other distressing life experiences, including PTSD, anxiety, depression, and panic disorders.

EMDR works in 8 stages and aims to help the brain “unstick” and reprocess a memory properly so that it is no longer as intense. It also helps to desensitise a person to the emotional impact of the memory, so that they can think about the event without experiencing such strong feelings.


I really wanted to write to thank you as I have experienced profound change in the way I deal with things since our sessions together. I am calmer and more in touch with my emotions. I am able to deal with criticism and failure in a much more pragmatic way. I can have ‘difficult’ discussions with loved ones without running away. And most importantly, on learning that **** had died I was able to access all the beautiful memories of a lovely childhood, rather than revisit the trauma of that first time I saw him after his stroke.

The work you do is life changing.


I've seen Sara twice and she's helped me reach a goal I would not have been able to reach without her help.


I came to see Sara when I was in a position of being 'stuck' and experiencing obsessive, negative thoughts related to a previously ended relationship. I was becoming increasingly frustrated with my inability to control these unproductive thoughts. After a few sessions of hypnotherapy and EMDR with Sara, I felt back in control of my thinking and as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I would thoroughly recommend Sara's practice.


So, I’d like to start this off by saying how much my life has transformed over the time I’ve been seeing Sara. From a young man I’ve always been in the wrong side of the law whether it be taking drugs selling drugs and owning illegal dogs. I found Sara by pure chance and she understood me and I knew instantly this was the help I needed. She’s helped me experience journeys you simply couldn’t dream of. Sara hasn’t just helped with my drug misuse but my family life and business is thriving because she’s helped me become a much better version of myself.


My sincere thanks to Sara for enabling the new pathway as I enter a new phase of my life. Initially it was about my poor sleep, but Sara’s careful guidance and skill helped to discover the deeper issues that lay behind this, and “Don’t feed the cat” has become a phrase that will stay with me. I am now embarking on my new path with confidence and a smile on my face thanks to Sara.


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say treatment changed my life. Sara treated me a couple of years ago and I’ve been able to do the exact thing that I couldn’t on a day to day basis. She’s very professional and has enabled me to move on in my life. Thank you


Thank you so much for all the positive changes you have helped me make. My life is unrecognisable from the one I was living when I first came to see you. You have helped me put the past behind me and find some peace in my life.


Following some life changing events over the last 18 months, I was struggling to cope with even the mundane pressures of every day life, my confidence was eroded and I quite literally shut myself away from everyone. Sara worked at a pace that was dictated by my responses, never rushing and allowing me to make steady progress, slow at times but sometimes taking what felt like monumental steps forward. By far the strongest feeling that I came away with was that Sara guided me to seek my own answers and this gave me back the confidence to live the life I want, to face the setbacks along the way, and be the best I can be. I couldn’t have asked for more!


Sara has changed my life. I have battled with depression since the age of 17 (I’m now 24). I always thought depression would always be a part of my life, I had resigned myself to the fact that I would always need to find new coping mechanisms to battle an eating disorder and depression. After 8 sessions with Sara my life has changed, no longer do I suffer! Life feels so much more positive and so much less of a struggle. Thank you so much for everything, you truly have changed my life.


After years of suffering from sleep disturbances, exhausted, emotional and at the end of my tether, Sara was recommended to me and I started sessions in January. Five months later and I feel like a different person! Confident, strong, positive and feeling great! Sara has helped me develop coping strategies and move past the barriers and anxiety that were holding me back and keeping me in a cycle of bad sleep, fear and exhaustion. I am sleeping better and when I do have disturbances they are mild and I can manage them quickly and calmly. Consequently I wake feeling more refreshed and ready to face the day and any stresses. Thank you so much, Sara. I would recommend you to anyone in need of healing and wanting to make a positive change in their lives.


I had my operation this morning and everything went smoothly. Although nervous, I could control my fear and not let it get the better of me. The surgeon said I was braver than most people.

Thank you so much for all your help, before my sessions with you I couldn't face or even think about it without becoming panicked and feeling physically ill. I now think I can face any future medical issues with confidence. 

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say her treatment changed my life. Sara treated me a couple of years ago and I’ve been able to do the exact thing that I couldn’t on a day to day basis. Sara's very professional and she has enabled me to move on in my life. Thank you


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