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How does HIFU COOL work?

The HIFU COOL is a non-invasive, high intensity focused ultrasound lifting treatment for the face, neck, décolletage, and body.


HIFU COOL stimulates new collagen and elastin to form within the deepest layers of the skin, which is crucial in maintaining a youthful appearance.

HIFU COOL has a built-in ice-cooling technology that makes treatments comfortable and pain free and allows for little to no downtime.

HIFU COOL targets fat and enhances collagen over thousands of individual points of your chosen area, to give you a lifting and tightening treatment. The highly focused ultrasound used in HIFU COOL activates and accelerates the body's healing process thereby helping sagging skin to tighten and firm.


HIFU COOL is a safe, effective, and non-invasive procedure for tightening facial skin and is favoured over a surgical facelift due to its cheaper, pain free treatment, that requires no incisions, artificial filler or toxins, and therefore no required rest or recovery time - relying solely on the body’s natural regenerative capacity for healing.




  • Non-surgical face lifting, in particular cheeks, brows and nasal labial folds

  • Skin tightening, smoothing, rejuvenation and lifting

  • Wrinkle reduction

  • Fat sculpting

  • Anti-ageing of face, neck and décolletage 

  • Facial contouring, shape correction and improved symmetry

  • Reduction of chin and jawline sculpting

  • Buttock lifting and shaping

  • Tightens under arm and bingo wings tightening and smooths of wrinkled skin

  • Effective on face, chin, neck, 

    décolletage, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms and back
Image of woman, benefits of HIFU Cool treatment to upper face, lower face, neck and decolletage


A single treatment takes between 30 to 120 minutes, dependent on treatment area.



You can expect to see excellent results after just one HIFU COOL treatment, however maximum results will be seen at 4 weeks post-treatment with tightening continuing over the following 12 weeks.

If there are areas with significant ageing or facial asymmetry, we may recommend further treatments - these can be carried out at around 12 weeks after the first treatment. Treatment to a different area or to the body can be carried out at any time, and for body treatments, can be carried out every 6 weeks. 

HIFU, Radiofrequency and Cavitation can be used for a trifold effect, heating the released fat to mobilise it in the bloodstream, heating the fat cells to sweat out fat and to tone and tighten skin, improving elasticity and reducing the texture and appearance of stretch marks. This amazing combination of cellulite and fat destruction treatment can totally change the appearance of your legs, with regular treatments spaced one week apart you will notice a difference from the first treatment and these results just grow each session. 

A single session covers either the fronts or the back of legs, from knees to top of the thighs and a double session will cover both backs and fronts of legs. A single session would also cover your stomach area, saddlebags or buttocks. 

These comprehensive treatments have many health benefits, including improving circulation, reducing water retention, boosting metabolism and increasing the function of the lymphatic system. 

Combined advanced body treatments, HIFU Cool, Radio Frequency, Body Contouring, Fat Sculpting


HIFU neck pre and post treatment, fat sculpting, skin lifting
HIFU pre and post treatment. Arm treatment. Fat sculpting, cellulite reduction, skin tightening.
HIFU Chin and neck pre and post treatment. Results. Skin tightening, fat sculpting, body contouring, jowls, neckline, jawline, chin, neck.
HIFU jowl pre and post treatment, results, jowls, fat sculpting, lifting properties, chin, neck.
HIFU pre and post treatment, results, legs, thighs, thigh gap, stubborn fat, reduction, cellulite, skin sculpting.
HIFU, pre and post treatment, results, neck, chin, jawline, jowls, skin tightening, fat sculpting.
HIFU, pre and post treatment, results, chin, neck, jawline, jowls, skin sculpting, fat reduction, skin lifting.
HIFU, pre and post treatment, results, lips, lip plumping, skin lifting.
HIFU pre and post treatment, results, eyes, eyebrows, eye lift, skin lifting, eyebrow lift
HIFU pre and post treatment, results, jowls, neck, chin, jawline, fat sculpting, lifting, skin tightening.
HIFU pre and post treatment, results, skin tightening, neck, jawline, jowls, fat sculpting, tightening
HIFU pre and post treatment, results, skin tightening, fat sculpting, lifting, jowls
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